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Headquarters: 997-1 Oaza Ichihama,
Usuki-shi, Oita Pref. 875-0052


Culture Farm: Aza Fujita Hinoura,
Sashiu, Usuki-shi, Oita Pref. 875-0001


Juhousuisan’s Fresh Fish

Juhousuisan focuses on Kabosu-fed yellowtail but also cultivates Oita amberjack and Oita-brand Toyo-no-ikiburi fresh yellowtail.

Tasty and fragrant, and its appearance will stimulate your taste buds.
Juhousuisan’s Kabosu-buri (kabosu-fed yellowtail)

The Kabosu-fed yellowtail is
a new brand of fish farmed
local kabosu citrus fruit
mixed in the feed.

Yellowtail fillets can be delicious for several days after dressing. Compared with amberjack and greater amberjack, the dark red parts of the flesh called “chiai” discolors quickly. Therefore, yellowtail used to have a problem that its commodity value dropped due to its poor appearance.
The Oita Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Instruction Center conducted research into this and developed a method to add kabosu juice to the feed.

The antioxidant action of polyphenols and vitamin C contained in kabosu citrus fruit suppresses the discoloration of the flesh. Furthermore, the effect of limonene contained in kabosu citrus fruit suppresses the fish smell. Kabosu-fed yellowtail is a “recommended gem” that has three advantages―it tastes good, has a savory scent, and looks good.

Ikejime (paralyzing fish and draining them of blood) before shipping Kabosu-fed yellowtail

We go to the fish preserve in the beautiful sea of Usuki.

We maintain the freshness of fish in ikejime work.

We pack the fish in boxes and deliver Kabosu-fed yellowtail to your dining table with its freshness maintained.

Well-known only to those in the know
Juhousuisan’s Oita amberjack

Amberjack, as well as yellowtail and greater amberjack, are species of Seriola. As the amount of amberjack landed is small, it has been called a luxury fish well-known only to those in the know.
It tastes light in summer and puts on fat in winter. Please relish Oita amberjack that is tasty all year round.

Taking pride in the moderately tightened flesh and fat
Juhousuisan’s Oita-brand Toyo-no-ikiburi Yellowtail

Although the Toyo-no-ikiburi yellowtail is cultured, it is characterized by a body that has been washed and tightened by the tidal current of the Bungo Channel.
Under our feed management, the Toyo-no-ikiburi yellowtail with moderately suppressed fat is a classic dish.